Who we are?

MineeBoxx, A network where the fun never stops and the player count is always high. Experience the thrill of a great community and a staff team that's dedicated to providing you with the best gaming experience possible. So come join us, and see why MineeBoxx is the place to be for Minecraft players of all levels.

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ElytraPVP image

Elytra PVP

Elytra PvP is a box-type PvP server with custom armor and fantastic weapons for players to enjoy the pleasure of PvP.

  • More Weapons
  • Premade Kits
  • Rank Warps
  • Maintained Pvp
  • and more
Opo Nomi image

Opo-Nomi Festival

Opo-Nomi is a new gamemode where you've got access to the whole server with more privileges than a moderator. You can do whatever you want in the vast world if you like. You're one of the leaders of the world.

  • You're a Operator " * "
  • Hacks Are Allowed!
  • Every Perms Includes Kill, feed, fly, set etc
  • and more

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Voting Us?

MineeBoxx is a new Minecraft Network in the great minecraft world. Voting can boost our progression and make the network reach to your friends.

MineeBoxx Network's FAQS

We've added Faqs here! So players can get their answers easily. If you've anything to ask feel free to contact with us!

What is MineeBoxx Network?
MineeBoxx Network is a new minecraft server with multiple gamemodes and a active server base. Where you can find new friends and enjoy your day!
Why isnt the store working?
We've closed our store for a certain time and we believe that 2tw isnt a good choice instead of 2tw you can grind with all of your mights!
Having Issue to join the Network?
Please coinsider to join our discord server and complain about the issue one of our staffs will check your problem and submit to developers. We always make sure your trust!