Minecraft Network

  • No Cheating or Hacking:
    Use of cheats, hacks, exploits, or any unauthorized modifications that provide unfair advantages in the game is strictly prohibited. This includes X-ray texture packs, fly hacks, and auto-clickers.
  • No Griefing or Stealing:
    Do not destroy or modify other players' builds without permission, and refrain from stealing items or resources from others.
  • No Trolling or Disruptive Behavior:
    Do not engage in trolling, trolling, or any behavior intended to disrupt the server's operations or ruin other players' experience.
  • Reporting and Appeals:
    If you encounter any issues or witness rule violations, report them to server staff using the appropriate channels or methods. Additionally, provide a clear process for players to appeal bans or report any unfair treatment.
  • No Naked Killing
    Do not kill new players or players with no armour.

Discord Server

  • Respectful Behavior:
    Treat all members, including staff and players, with respect and courtesy. Harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No Spamming or Advertising:
    Avoid spamming messages, excessive use of caps, or repeated posting of the same content. Advertising other servers or external communities without permission is not allowed.
  • Follow Staff Instructions:
    Listen to and cooperate with server staff members. If a staff member asks you to stop or follow specific rules, comply with their instructions promptly and respectfully.
  • Safe Language and Content:
    Keep conversations and content appropriate for all ages. Avoid discussions or sharing of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, explicit language, or inappropriate images.
  • Respect Server Channels:
    Use each Discord channel for its intended purpose and refrain from off-topic discussions or spamming in inappropriate channels.
  • English Only:
    Please speak in only English. You will be muted regardless of whatever you're saying if it's not in English. I've said this multiple times now.

More rules

  1. Respect Every Staff Member.
  2. No hate speech.
  3. Advatising is highly forbidden.
  4. Follow The Rules.

We're so strict about our server and player's safety so make sure to read the rules!

If you have read the rules, you can go and enjoy the fun on our server!

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